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Permanent Access Systems

Permanent Access Systems are widely used across the UK to provide safe access to high level internal and external building façades in order to carry out cleaning, inspection and light maintenance.

Typical examples of Permanent Access Systems are:

  • Building Maintenance Units (BMU).
  • Monorail systems.
  • Cradles systems.
  • Travelling Ladders.
  • Travelling Gantries.

At Eurosafe Solutions Ltd we offer building managers/owners a full inspection and testing solution individually tailored to minimise any down time and maximise productivity of any permanent access equipment.

All inspection and testing is in accordance with LOLER, PUWER, EN 1808 and BS 6037 Pt1 & Pt2.

Following the lead of BS 6037, we classify the inspection and testing of permanent access systems into two distinct sectors:

  • Permanently Installed Access Equipment - Suspended Access Equipment (i.e. Building maintenance units, Monorail systems and cradles units.) - BS 6037-Pt1-2003
  • Permanently Installed Access equipment – Travelling Ladders and Gantries - BS 6037-Pt2-2004.