Fall protection specialist Eurosafe Solutions

Seminars and Training

HS (G) 33 Health & Safety in Roof Work 1998 appendix 3.7 states “adequate information, instruction, training and supervision should be given when a fall arrest system is used.”

Understanding this, Eurosafe Solutions Ltd are the only company to offer a Latchways approved training course as we instruct operatives how to safely use fall protection systems.

Our training sessions are tailor made to be site specific and consist of:
• A detailed PowerPoint presentation
• An overview of relevant legislation
• The Use and Inspection of PPE (including a tactile demonstration)
• Practical on site demonstration (site specific)
• End of session appraisal

Upon successful completion, training certificates will be issued to all delegates.

We also offer a refresher training session. We recommend a refresher session after 2 years of the initial training, due to updates in legislation and possible new employees joining your organisation.

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