Fall protection specialist Eurosafe Solutions

Installation and Commissioning

Through an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations covering work at height, a thorough assessment of risk, the correct advice and detailed design, and final specification of the most suitable products ensures that what our client gets is right for their requirements. Now it is paramount that this equipment is installed in a safe manner in an area already identified as unsafe.

Eurosafe Solutions offers an installation service second to none and are proud to have an exemplary safety record; we have literally hundreds of thousands of man hours working in highly hazardous situations. All of our, directly employed, operatives are trained and qualified in all task required of them and our project management team, sales team and directors have all come from a site background giving them real, hands on experience as well as attending regular training courses relating to our works.

In order to ensure that all our processes and practices are safe we employ external consultants to assess both our procedures and our site practices; this includes unannounced site visits and inspections, as well as internally in the office. This employment allows us to carefully monitor our works and initiate measures where potential issues are identified.

Throughout the whole process from initial site visit to final handover of the completed project, safety is at our core.

Safety first and safety always.